The Gypsy Rebels - Between Worlds
  • The Gypsy Rebels - Between Worlds
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Between Worlds is The Gypsy Rebels' first album.  It features a mixture of traditional Gypsy music and original compositions by Michael T Butch.

Track List:
1. Zelem Zelem (4:14, Traditional)
2. Gypsy Reggae (4:19, Traditional)
3. Baby, I Love You (5:00, Michael T Butch)
4. From Your Eyes (3:53, Michael T Butch)
5. Kadia Gili (5:19, Gamble, Huff, Gilbert, Add'l lyrics by M. Butch)
6. Za Maj Graso (3:40, Traditional)
7. Cili Grado (4:12, Traditional)
8. Rugo (5:54, Traditional)
9. Gypsy in Paris (2:56, Michael T Butch)
10. Opa Nininini Na (4:04, Michael T Butch)

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