Micheal T Butch founded The Gypsy Rebels in 2005 with the dream of bringing the traditional Gypsy repertoire he learned from his parents and grandparents to a wider audience here in Canada. His goal is not only to keep the music of his ancestors alive, but also to add a new dimension to each song with original arrangements and a unique reggae, funk, and soul sound. Micheal is also an accomplished songwriter who sings from the heart about his passions, his philosophies, and his way of life.

The band's music is influenced by the sounds of Micheal's neighborhood, Kensington Market, a bohemian and culturally rich community in downtown Toronto. One of the band's most popular songs, Nassau Street, is the story of how Micheal fell in love during a chance encounter one evening in the Market. Many of The Gypsy Rebels' earliest performances took place at the bars, restaurants, and festivals nearby, including regular shows at The Piccadilly, The Press Club, Lola's, and Kensington Pedestrian Sunday street festivals. Over time, the band expanded their audience with performances at some of Toronto's top live music venues including The Gladstone Hotel, Hugh's Room, and the main stage at The Harbourfront Festival.

With the arrangements cemented and the band's musicians performing together several times per week, the time was right to record their first album, Between Worlds, at QED Media in Toronto. The album was released in Feb 2010 and pre-release versions of some of the tracks, including the band's version of the de facto Gypsy national anthem "Jelem Jelem" (also "Zelem, Zelem"), have enjoyed online popularity on YouTube.

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The Gypsy Rebels fully support the important work being done on behalf of the Roma Gypsies by the Roma Community Centre, and in turn, thank them for their ongoing support.  In particular, they would welcome participation in any upcoming venues involving the Community Centre.

Please visit www.romatoronto.org to lend your support.